Week 1 – On the Path to Success

I recently became aware of an opportunity to join with a select group of others for a 6 month journey toward a more successful life by improving the way I think. It is called the Master Key Experience. You may have heard of it. If not, you probably will as it picks up momentum and word of mouth gets around.

The Master Key Experience came recommended by a trusted associate of mine. I was lucky enough to be selected to this current session after I reviewed and considered the information provided in a series of on-line videos.  The goal is to remove the negative thoughts that hold people back from success.

I am writing this to share my excitement and experience as I go through this journey to self-improvement and more. In week one, we have completed the orientation and I’m just getting used to navigating the website where materials and instructions are provided.  I am also adjusting to the reading and homework assignments. I can tell you that this is an interesting process so far and I have enjoyed it.

I look forward to sharing updates as this journey progresses.

Best wishes to all who read this.

Kurt Schmidt




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