Week 2: Journey to Success

It is week 2 of the Master Key Experience and there is much news. Feedback was  received on my DMP (definite major purpose). Suggestions were provided by my guide.  Revisions were expected but not easy. It is amazing to me how hard it can be to define and put into words what we want out of life, what we believe our purpose to be and/or what our goals in life actually are. Yes, there is the dream of a most excellent life, but what are we willing to give up to attain the things we want? I know I have trouble saying what I want and what I want changes over time.

What if what you want ultimately turns out not to be good for you? What if the sacrifice needed to get you where you want to go turns out to be too high or there isn’t enough time left? At some point you need to assess your skills and abilities, stretch  your vision, make a choice and go on faith, working hard toward the goals you have set.

We also learned about method vs. intension. How intension is what we want and method is how we get things done. If methods are not available, create new methods. The master key system helps us to create new methods.

How many of you are familiar with John Wooden the famous UCLA basketball coach? He has written much about industriousness, enthusiasm and success. He is also known for creating the pyramid of success and how to build a burning desire by living with intension. I also learned that imagination is the only bridge to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a requirement.

I was most impressed by what I learned in this session was about PPNs (Personal Pivotal Needs) . This is the hearts desire and sometimes called “Oxygen for the Soul”. Their important to eliminating fear & procrastination. After discussing the 7 needs, we ran through an interesting exercise to select the 2 PPNs that were most important to us.

There was also an informative second webinar this week about Digital Connections that provided excellent information and also helped with navigation of the training website. Many usable tips and information about our blogs was given. I am looking forward to the future Digital Connection webinars and the speed reading webinar for the edge it gives me. Another good habit being honed.

More to come next week.

Kurt Schmidt


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