Week 4: The Journey Continues – Then the Fog Set In!

Hi and welcome to week 4.
Who says progress can be obtained without running into some obstructions. Right when I was coming out of the woods, so to speak, and getting a clearer view of where the Master Key Experience (MKE) is going, I got tripped up on the science. All my life I have enjoyed science and hearing about the wonderful discoveries that have been made. I even had plans in college to become a chemist. I have even read books about the brain and how it functions. After week 4’s webinar, I felt a lost.

First, I lost audio early in the webinar. How distracting? I caught up in time to see the video clip. I am not certain what was going on there. The content did not lend itself well to the choppy way its images and audio were received. It had a nightmare effect. I was not sure what it was about nor why we were watching it. I am very glad to learn that the video is also on the MKE website so that we can take another shot at it in hope of understanding it. Can’t we just have another Karate Kid moment or some Bullwinkle? That I get. I am fine with the note cards and personal examples but found this session confusing and hard to follow. By the time I thought I was getting back on track, the speaker starts talking about us quitting. Now is the time to quit? Wow. Curve ball. Maybe bean ball. Since each session builds on the previous one, I am concerned about what will happen next. Will there be yelling, pushups and a bell for us to ring 3 times? Not sure, but I can’t wait to see! “Thank you Sir! May I have another?”

Like many of the rest of you, I am still struggling with updating my DMP. It was hard enough for me to write about what I want out of life and then we upped the ante with PPN and then SMART goals. As if this wasn’t challenging enough, then I was asked to add feelings to the write up. Come on! I’m a guy. We don’t really spend much time in that realm. How can I write about something I don’t even spend much time thinking about under normal circumstances? Then comes revisions, with comments from a stranger who will become my guide. She of course asks that I add even more feelings. I did not even have a defined purpose several weeks ago and now I need to have feelings for it. If my conscious mind is barely dealing with feelings, why does anyone think my Subconscious mind is interested in them? Guys, help me out here.

As a rule I don’t allow strangers to touch me, so this is becoming even weirder as this exercise has strangers I have not even spoke to, are trying to get in my head. Don’t touch my brain! In the words of a Monty Python character: “My brain hurts.” Please don’t reply that it will need to come out.

Striving forward toward the goal! Session 5 is around the corner. More to come after session 5! My best to all who read this.


2 thoughts on “Week 4: The Journey Continues – Then the Fog Set In!

  1. Aloha kurt

    I may be a stranger but you make me laugh! I AM really EnJoying Your blog posts now 🙂
    Feelings Yip cant help there You’ll have to ask a guy bout that one loL…No if you want I can send you a list of feeling words? OR I did just see in the software back office under tab DMP Kimberley posted this Link https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartblogger/bonuses/sb-power-words.pdf she had googled descriptive words and it came up.
    Was that Terry Jones? “My Brain Hurts”


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