Week 5: The Journey Continues- Is this the end or something better beginning?

Another great MKE training session this week and a lot to think about. In addition to the Sunday training, Monday Digital Solutions, handouts, lessons and homework, there is an assignment to write an interview. Who knew that there would be so much writing in a course about changing the way we think.

It is also true that habits are hard to break. One of this week’s assignments was to not offer opinions. That can be very difficult depending on one’s job and social obligations. It is one thing not to offer an opinion when someone asks us but what about advice? What about how we offer opinions and advice without being asked? What about other names for the same activities? We often make excuses and feel entitled to sharing our thoughts and judgements, even when not asked. I know I do. Opinions and judgements often roll out of our mouths without even an after thought. They say that the tong can be sharper than a sword and cause more damage. This is very true. Sad but true. Why is it that we can’t help ourselves from saying hurtful things to others. Especially people we care about.

This week we also learned the outcome of the survey and the decisions the group made. One was to continue the “pay it forward” so that the next class will have paid scholarships. A recommended minimum amount was agreed upon for each participant in the 2017 MKE. It appears that a surprising number of participants, on this MKE journey, will not be continuing because they did not complete the required weekly requirements including completion of this weeks survey. Others will not be continuing with us because they have made the choice to drop out of the journey. They may not see the value. Some will be ending their journey because they can’t or won’t pay the decided minimum “pay it forward” amount.

Others may have financial shortcomings and will not have the resources to make their payment. Either way, many will not be with us next week and that is sad. In any endeavor, there are some who can’t or don’t complete what they start. For those who require help to continue, I hope they receive it.

I know I am grateful for the scholarship I received and would like to continue further in this journey of discovery, but if I do not make it, I would like to wish you all the best and for your continued success. In a day or so we will see who is still going forward. I hope it is you!

Until, next time.


6 thoughts on “Week 5: The Journey Continues- Is this the end or something better beginning?

  1. Aloha Kurt…I wrote a whole post on opinions I called them onions as sometimes they make you or someone else cry 😛 So just breathe and nod…
    It is a very sad time when people choose to leave our MKE Ohana (family) but some people just aren’t ready to ‘heed the call’ to their Hero’s Journey as this is what it is A Refusal to the Call 😦
    If you know of anyone who would love to stay in the course but can’t re: paying the PIF for hardship reasons Dayna can help get them sorted so they can finish…
    Once again another good read mahalo for sharing Keep on Keeping Up!


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