Week 7: The Journey To Positive Thinking Or Stop All That Negative Stuff and I Mean It This Time.

This week went by fast. It might be the time change or all the start overs. Any way, I can’t believe its time to write again. I was looking forward to it this week. Did you know that people are actually reading what we are writing and they had some great comments! Hopefully you and your blog are receiving similar comments and replies. So this isn’t a private journal anymore, like one of those movies where you write about your inner thoughts and some one else stumbles across it years later and then drama ensues. Hello to you who are reading this! Thank you for the nice comments and for getting the jokes too.

I learned this week that I know 2 of our Master Key people who have dropped out. I know. Very sad. Do you want their names? No, that would not be nice. One of them is the reason I know anything about MKE and the scholarships etc. I wouldn’t be here writing this (or any other blog)except he recognized the value and shared it with others. I think that is what truly makes the departure so sad.

Before last week, knowing that he and a few other acquaintances were out there, too, had some comfort. I was feeling a bit on my own dealing with this new and foreign class and its assignments. The early weeks were a little confusing as I got my bearings. It was good to know others were out there even if we weren’t in constant communications. This week as the others dropped away, feedback and comments came in from others in the MKE. The messages from you folks and my guide made me feel more a part of this group.

How is you diet going? I have never been one for diets? I guess I just watch what I eat and stay active. This diet is a completely different animal. A thought diet eliminating negative thoughts. Wow! Who saw that coming? At first I thought, this could be extremely hard for me. I am not grouch or anything, but I do know a few things about being critical and negativity. You see, I have a pessimistic brother with anger issues and a teenage daughter with a hair trigger. Perhaps some of you know some people like this, have teenagers, or recall how you were back then. How hard can this be? I assumed this would probably be easier for others. After all, no one is stressed or angry anymore because we all have it made. I do like this challenge/diet and even wondered while on the webinar, how long I could go without needing to restart. Okay, challenge accepted.

I did not need to wonder very long. I had a few restarts on Sunday afternoon. Then there was Monday morning. You see, I woke up with negative thoughts after a night of bad dreams. You may call it anxiety. I guess it is like Mark said, if you tell someone not to think about something, it becomes all they think about. I did a mental reset as soon as I could and did much better the rest of the day. I actually thought I was doing ok, most of the week. No issues with my daughter, stayed away from my brother and tried to keep good thoughts going. I’m not saying I didn’t hear from my daughter a few times, but because I didn’t join into the drama she calmed down. I focused on the possibilities instead of the problems. That helped me. Then Thursday came along. Yes, another reset! A stressful morning with a crazy afternoon and no time to eat or even have a drink of water is a great formula for a reset. It is funny how a lack of food on this diet has an opposite reaction, breaks the mental diet.

The battle continues. I have been knocked down but not knocked out. Hope your week went well. Keep fighting on. Until next week, peace, out! Kurt


One thought on “Week 7: The Journey To Positive Thinking Or Stop All That Negative Stuff and I Mean It This Time.

  1. WOW Kurt good for you not being drawn into other peoples drama is a big one, its amazing how if we don’t attach a thought to said drama then how quickly it diffuses 🙂 wonder what your daughter was thinking had happened to her dad? I LOVE that you are treating it like a challenge to you can keep score like Old Blueprint 0 Kurt 1 I can hear the concrete falling piece by piece Keep up the Good Work You’ve got this!
    aloha lorelei sunshine


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