Week 3: The Journey Continues

Week 3 of the Master Key Experience (MKE) and still finding my way. The murkiness is clearing a bit and although there is still confusion, my understanding of the MKE process and what is expected, is getting better. Really enjoyed the last session webinar. Each one is better than the last. The fog is clearing and the process is becoming clearer. I am finding my way around the website with more ease.  The  Q&A session after Sunday’s webinar was the most enlightening and has really helped me to understand some ideas and concepts that I was struggling to fully understand. I was glad to see I am not alone.

I am sad that I couldn’t attend the speed reading webinar. I was looking forward to it since first hearing it was being offered.  I have never been a speedy reader and with all the reading required with this course, it is taking me much longer than an hour a day for homework etc. My hope was that the speed reading class would make a big difference. I am struggling to get faster without shortcuts or missing anything. I have taken speed reading courses before, but with very limited results. I was hoping for a breakthrough, but could not attend due to an out-of-town family gathering. I hope that if it is made available again that I will be able to attend.

The Digital Connection webinar this week was also much better that the week before. I was ready to leave the prior session early and was very disappointed about the time I  spent attending because of how basic its content was. This was not the case for this weeks session. I still find it odd that there is no standardization about the software and apparently 2 versions of the blog software being used. I am not sure why those using the “old” version either can not upgrade or create a new account using the “new” version. I’m sure it would make the training easier. With that said, I did learn something this week and I stayed for the Q&A to see if there might be more enlightenment to come. It turns out, maybe this is all a matter of my impatience. If I had the old version of the software or lack an understanding of some technological issue covered, I would be grateful for the time spent bringing me up to speed.

It is clear that I will need to dust off the creative side of my brain (whichever side that is) for this course and its exercises. I used to be more creative and imaginative, but when I see and hear about what others are doing and writing, it is clear that I need to step up my game. Of course it may all be my imagination and I may never have had the game that some of you are displaying, in which case I applauded your efforts and hope to learn enough from all of you to be able to improve myself.

Speaking of creativity, I am still struggling with writing and improving upon my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and incorporating  my Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs). I must admit, it is more difficult to express in writing what I want out of life, than I would have expected. Then you need to change what you have written to format it in a way that your subconscious mind will understand and respond to. My brain hurts thinking about all of this! If my conscious mind is having so much trouble with this, good luck subconscious mind.

Yes , I selected my 2 PPNs using the process we went through on the week 2 webinar. Out of the 7 were given I selected Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health. See, here is that creativity thing coming out again. They both seemed to be singing out to me at the time.  Then there are the doubts. Did I really select these correctly or was it my conscious mind selecting what it liked as a best answer. After all, helping others is important and who can say that they don’t care about Legacy except for the very young who have no works to be carried on or remembered. Well I am sticking with my selections, even though I am not sure where this will take me.

I’ll let you know in my next update. Until then.

Kurt Schmidt


Week 2: Journey to Success

It is week 2 of the Master Key Experience and there is much news. Feedback was  received on my DMP (definite major purpose). Suggestions were provided by my guide.  Revisions were expected but not easy. It is amazing to me how hard it can be to define and put into words what we want out of life, what we believe our purpose to be and/or what our goals in life actually are. Yes, there is the dream of a most excellent life, but what are we willing to give up to attain the things we want? I know I have trouble saying what I want and what I want changes over time.

What if what you want ultimately turns out not to be good for you? What if the sacrifice needed to get you where you want to go turns out to be too high or there isn’t enough time left? At some point you need to assess your skills and abilities, stretch  your vision, make a choice and go on faith, working hard toward the goals you have set.

We also learned about method vs. intension. How intension is what we want and method is how we get things done. If methods are not available, create new methods. The master key system helps us to create new methods.

How many of you are familiar with John Wooden the famous UCLA basketball coach? He has written much about industriousness, enthusiasm and success. He is also known for creating the pyramid of success and how to build a burning desire by living with intension. I also learned that imagination is the only bridge to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a requirement.

I was most impressed by what I learned in this session was about PPNs (Personal Pivotal Needs) . This is the hearts desire and sometimes called “Oxygen for the Soul”. Their important to eliminating fear & procrastination. After discussing the 7 needs, we ran through an interesting exercise to select the 2 PPNs that were most important to us.

There was also an informative second webinar this week about Digital Connections that provided excellent information and also helped with navigation of the training website. Many usable tips and information about our blogs was given. I am looking forward to the future Digital Connection webinars and the speed reading webinar for the edge it gives me. Another good habit being honed.

More to come next week.

Kurt Schmidt

Week 1 – On the Path to Success

I recently became aware of an opportunity to join with a select group of others for a 6 month journey toward a more successful life by improving the way I think. It is called the Master Key Experience. You may have heard of it. If not, you probably will as it picks up momentum and word of mouth gets around.

The Master Key Experience came recommended by a trusted associate of mine. I was lucky enough to be selected to this current session after I reviewed and considered the information provided in a series of on-line videos.  The goal is to remove the negative thoughts that hold people back from success.

I am writing this to share my excitement and experience as I go through this journey to self-improvement and more. In week one, we have completed the orientation and I’m just getting used to navigating the website where materials and instructions are provided.  I am also adjusting to the reading and homework assignments. I can tell you that this is an interesting process so far and I have enjoyed it.

I look forward to sharing updates as this journey progresses.

Best wishes to all who read this.

Kurt Schmidt